SWOT Analysis


Potential Impact

  • Exponential Impact/Return – Good Leverage, Ex Teach/Course Could Impact Many People
  • Scaleable/Sustainable
  • Addressing Root Causes Of Problems Instead Of „Band-Aid Of Symptoms
  • Target: Poor In Operational Area. Family Level. Hamlet Level, Small Town Level
  • Local Media Attention Secured
  • Strong Grassroots Links
  • Field-Based Development Expertise
  • The Ability To Innovate And Adapt
  • Process-Oriented Approach To Development Participatory Methodologies And Tools
  • Long-Term Commitment And Emphasis On Sustainability
  • Cost Effectiveness.

Viable Approach

  • Engenders Trust, No Hidden Agenda
  • High Degree Of Expertise In Areas In Which We re Consulting Does Not Discriminate Based On Religion, Race, Culture.

Organizational Credibility

  • Commitment By Volunteers, Members, The Board, Etc
  • Leadership And Staff
  • Our Story – It Is Credible
  • Governance And Accountability Model
  • Uniqueness Of The Organization And What We Offer
  • Successful Track Record
  • People Trust Us
  • Strong Connection To The Business Community – „Business Approach
  • The Idea Of What We Are And Want To Achieve Is Feasible – People Want To Get Involved, They See The Impact


  • Difficulty Communicating What We Are
  • Short Term Funding
  • Need Staff With The Appropriate Skill Set
  • Limited Financial And Management Expertise/Limited
  • Institutional Capacity Low Levels Of Self-Sustainability
  • Isolation/Lack Of Inter -organizational Communication And /Or Coordination
  • Small Scale Interventions
  • Lack Of Understanding Of The Border Social Or Economic Context.