The objectives of KALPAVRIKSH are:

  • To strive to achieve economic, social, human and overall development of human beings.
  • To create a self sustaining process of Integrated Rural & Urban Development
  • To support and strengthen initiatives of grassroots pertaining to development, communication, Policy change, environmental conservation and social transformation.
  • To execute projects of research, evaluation, studies, information, field based action, focusing poverty alleviation and improvement of natural resources, education, health, women and children.
  • To act for reducing exploitation and discrimination in society through action, research, media and policy advocacy by promoting civil society organizations and people’s groups.
  • To organize training, educational and capacity building programs for achieving sustainable development, social change, and just and equitable society.
  • To raise resources by various methods for undertaking above mentioned objectives.
  • To build a model that could be replicated by likeminded organizations elsewhere with similar Socio- economic situation in India.
  • Networking with agencies- Govt., Non-Govt., National & International for bringing best available resources and practices to the rural community it works with.

    The pledge thus reads:

    “We dedicate ourselves to the community we exist in.

    We shall ensure sustainability through continuous participation and empowerment of the people

    We shall constantly strive to be knowledge-based catalysts, enabling the community to achieve economic independence and social

    We shall adopt current management practices to achieve our goal”