Livelihood : Mango Plantation

Low Density Mango Plantation With Intercropping

Nahudimaha village is a scattered placed having 103 household residents in 03 hamlets approximately 15 km distance from its block. Although smaller in size and population village used to performe well in MGNREGA implementation and intercropping. KALPAVRIKSH made an effort to implement 15 acres mango plantation which would lead to intercropping every years.

Case study 1:

Mamata Pradhani, wife of Sanjeet Pradhani, aged 26 lives in Nahudimaha Village of Sugadabadi Gram Panchayat, Raikia Block. She is the member of Mamata Self- Help Group (SHG). She has job card and husband is migrant to Kerala. Living single with her daughter in a small hut. Her husband is migrant labour . Before getting involved in MGNREGA she was just a normal housewife. But now she has worked for 93 days mango grafting activities under MGNREGA . In addition she also earned income from selling of seedlings. She decided to spend money earned by mango grafting under MGNREGA works to build goat shed.

Case study 2:

Ranjit pradhani an active member of village, one of the beneficiaries of mango plantation age 35 years. He has best practice in vegetable cultivation but due to lack of fencing his field was converted to barren land. But after intervention of Kalpavriksh he managed to get fencing and labour under the MGNREGA. He is proud to complete 100 days under the scheme with other workers , which added n additional income of Rs.15000. His family now is not relying on local market vegetables. He bought a pair of bullock for ploughing for next year paddy cultivation. He had the intention to migrate with his younger brother Sanjit Pradhani to earn more money. But he thinks that if he is getting the same here … why to migrate?