Odisha Tribal Empowerment Livelihood Project (OTELP-PLUS)

The goal of the project is to “enable the poor tribal households to sustainably ensure their livelihoods and food security through promoting a more efficient, equitable, self-managed, optimum use of the natural resources, off/farm, non-farm enterprises development and accessing the rights and entitlements due to them.

To achieve the goal following immediate objectives are set:

  • To build the capacity of marginal groups
  • To enhance the access of poor tribal people to natural resources and increases its productivity.
  • To encourage and facilitate off-farm enterprises.
  • To ensure the basic entitlements of tribal households.

To achieve these objectives, the activities are focused on:

  • Build the capacity of marginal groups as individuals, and grassroots institutions;
  • Developing Community Service Provider, Community Resource Persons.
  • Enhance the access of poor tribal people to land, water and forests and increase the productivity of these  resources in environmentally sustainable and socially equitable ways;
  • Encourage and facilitate off- Farm enterprise development based on the needs of poor tribal households;
  • Monitor the basic food entitlements of tribal household and ensure their access to public food supplies;
  • Encourage  the development of a pro – tribal enabling environment through ensuring that legislation governing control of, and access to, development resources by poor tribal household is implemented effectively and by recommending other policy improvements; and
  • Build on the indigenous knowledge and values of tribals and blend theses with technological innovations to ensure a speedier pace of development.