Strategy & Role


  • Enable Communities To Choose, Implement & Manage Their Own Solutions.
  • Facilitate Grass Roots Actions, By Poor Communities Themselves.
  • Promote Investment In Health/NRM/Education Etc.
  • Community Capacity Building And Local Institutional
  • Development Vis a Vis Investment In Infrastructure.
  • Motivate And Facilitate Action By, As Many Organizations And Individuals As Possible, Towards Community
  • Capacity Development For Health/NRM/Education Etc Provision.
  • Focus On Long Term, Affordable, Sustainable, Repeatable Solutions
  • Motivate And Facilitate Public Sector (Ngo & Government) Provision Of Health/NRM/Education Etc Services For The Poor.
  • Facilitate And Promote Collaboration Among Agencies Within Ngo, Government And Corporate Sectors To Meet The Needs.


  • Develop The Tools And Systems That Communities Need To Implement & Manage Their Own.
  • Develop Training Programmes, Training Materials, Certification And Accreditation Programmes
  • To Introduce These Systems To The Communities.
  • Provide Professional Support/ Capacity Building For The Poor.
  • Deliver Training Courses And Facilitate Seminars For The Benefit Of The Poor.
  • Provide Technical Consulting Services As Required Work To Ensure That The Needs Of The Poor Are Heard And Understood, To Areas Most In Need.
  • Provide The Opportunity For Clients And Members To Network, Discuss Issues, Verbalize Concerns, Share Solutions And Identify Potential Resources.