KALPAVRIKSH aims at strengthening the capacities of grassroots communities and organizations for achieving self-reliance, human rights, gender equity, social justice, accountable governance, and sustainable development.


“To be the Preeminent Service Provider to the Society”


“Our Mission Is to Continually Improve Our Preeminent Services to Meet Our Beneficiary’s Needs

Genesis & Introduction


Poverty, hunger, marginalization, Health exclusion and disempowerment have been commonplace coupled with improper use of livelihood resources and community assets. Entailing the ideas of empowering the poor and excluded, a group of committed social workers and journalists under leadership of Mr. Jeevan Sangram Dash founded KALPAVRIKSH.


“KALPAVRIKSH”, was established in the year 2000 and was registered under the Society Registration Act [No. XXI of 1860] as an NGO in the year 2004. It endeavours to bring together structures at the grass- root level for the development of the Rural & Urban People.

KALPAVRIKSH S works in the fields spanning the whole spectrum of Human need and Endeavour, including Livelihood, Humanitarian, Peace & Human Rights, Development, Education & Literacy, Health, Environment Protection and Disaster Management (concerns) & Population etc.

Our society is involved not only in the fields quoted above, but also in Social Welfare, Employment Creation, Skill Training and Economic Development, Gender Awareness and Action, and the informal Economic Sector.

About Us


The Philosophy of the organization is to lay emphasis on Human Values. Great stress is laid on proper Communication, Transparency, and Human Relation, which forms an integral part of the culture. With every new day the quest for acquiring new challenges continues- Forever, Searching, Experimenting, Innovating, Moving ahead with our sincere effort and dedication, shaping the future, is a never ending process in the organization.


KALPAVRIKSH was formed voluntarily to fulfill a socially committed mission especially to work for the betterment of the marginalized sections in the society.

It functions on the basis of a set of values like public interest service, transparency, Participation and accountability and in pursuance of the aim to:
A) improve the circumstance
B) act on concern.

KALPAVRIKSH maintains high standards of honesty and integrity at both personal and organizational level.


The objectives of KALPAVRIKSH are:

  • To strive to achieve economic, social, human and overall development of human beings.
  • To create a self sustaining process of Integrated Rural & Urban Development
  • To support and strengthen initiatives of grassroots pertaining to development, communication, Policy change, environmental conservation and social transformation.
  • To execute projects of research, evaluation, studies, information, field based action, focusing poverty alleviation and improvement of natural resources, education, health, women and children.
  • To act for reducing exploitation and discrimination in society through action, research, media and policy advocacy by promoting civil society organizations and people’s groups.
  • To organize training, educational and capacity building programs for achieving sustainable development, social change, and just and equitable society.
  • To raise resources by various methods for undertaking above mentioned objectives.
  • To build a model that could be replicated by likeminded organizations elsewhere with similar Socio- economic situation in India.
  • Networking with agencies- Govt., Non-Govt., National & International for bringing best available resources and practices to the rural community it works with.

    The pledge thus reads:

    “We dedicate ourselves to the community we exist in.

    We shall ensure sustainability through continuous participation and empowerment of the people

    We shall constantly strive to be knowledge-based catalysts, enabling the community to achieve economic independence and social

    We shall adopt current management practices to achieve our goal”

Priority Activities

  • Livelihood:   Land , Water, Forest & Livestock
  • Environment : Renewal Energy & Climate Change
  • Agri Business: Providing Farmers a better lifestyle by providing end to end solutions.
  • Women Empowerment: Building Women Entrepreneurs
  • Developing Social Entrepreneurs:  BuildingYoung  Entrepreneurs
  • Producer Organisation : Providing platform for farmers to do business directly